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From Soldier to Healer

Updated: Jan 21

I remember just how tough and beautiful my Menominee People are, and were going to school in Neopit and Keshena WI.

Their caring nature and sense of humor will always be driving force behind our spirit.

Thinking back now, however, I still feel an overwhelming sense of claustrophobia like anxiety. Though the land is rich in natural beauty, it is desolate with opportunities.

Feeling trapped, cornered like a res dog loose in a city.

Though, there are shortages of jobs; there are in fact no shortage in drugs and alcohol.

My heart aches knowing that my people live through that everyday.

I knew in order to make a difference I needed to get away, to get a broader picture. All the while gaining the skills and education necessary to heal others others through my struggles and to turn my pain into a lesson and solution that has been a guiding principle to my recovery and valuable tool help others in their journey.

My hopes for you, is that you not only find my journey both educational and entertaining.

This story of mine will not start with my combat experience, but the battle afterword and my introduction into peer support and my culture.

Thank you for coming along this far and I welcome you to my our Journey from Combat to what is First Nations People call the Red Road.

Māēch Wāēnen

-Jason Katchenago


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