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Under one we are one

Updated: Jan 25

My journey down the red road to recovery has been a spiritual one, indeed!

I was brought into the life of the Native American Church,(NAC) at a very young age.

During my life I have been led astray from these ways and have pushed them away from them.

But I’m always brought back.

During my journey as a peer support specialist I have found that out way of life is synonymous to healing. 

I have been talking to a lot of people from all demographics and especially the Mexican American community. My Mexican relatives seemed to appreciate and have been wanting to experience our cultural ceremonies, perhaps to better understand their Mexican indigenous culture.

I am thrilled to announce that in seeking and practicing my culture I have a found the link to our indigenous Mexican relatives and our culture! 

I have witnessed and been apart of a Native American Church ceremony of the Huichol, Mayan Natives. These ceremonies were practiced throughout Mexico and made its way all the way up through Canada. No matter what tribe, or what part of turtle island we came from we all sat together and sang the same songs prayed the same prayers to the same creator, and under the creator we are related. It was awesome to be called nephew and brother by my indigenous relatives from Mexico. I’m hoping to be able to help all those interested in ceremony and learning about their own ways, by showing the way and bringing them around the holy fire place. There is a lot of healing not only these ways, but in knowing and understanding one’s culture. I hope to see around the holy fireplace some day, my brothers and sisters.

Through O.P. Oshkosh I hope to unite all communites, while protecting our culture, way of life and allow us to heal each other through peer support.

Much love and respect. 

Take care.

Jason Katchenago

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