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The Board

The Only Non-Corrupted Tribal Board 

Jason Katchenago

Founder & CEO

Is a Menominee Tribal Combat Veteran, with experience in  reconnaissance operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Jason has found a new sense of purpose and meaning through peer support and continued service to his community and culture and is aiming to unify, empower and restore old forms of Tribal government within Tribal Communities all a crossed the Nation.



Daniel Preston


Daniel Preston has been a spiritual leader, and Cultural Advisor within Tribal Community within Milwaukee County. Daniel, is currently an AODA councilor for Indian Health Center and is most importantly and integral part of O.P. Oshkosh and to the teachings and preservation of traditional Native American ways.


Marguerit Galindo

Vice President

Marguerit Galindo coordinates core professional and workforce development projects as the Peer Specialist Workforce Development Coordinator with the Wisconsin Peer Support Employment Initiative (WIPSEI) and is the current sitting President of O.P. Oshkosh. Her level of professionalism and dedication to helping others have made her astronomical difference all over the state of Wisconsin. 


Behlen Casillas


Behlin Casillas, has been seeking out the ways of her indigenous roots in Mexico through the indigenous culture of North America and has been in support of the community and is still making a difference, today. Behlin is currently employed through Milwaukee Public Schools as a school bookkeeper. O.P. Oshkosh is proud to have her on our team and to help her experience her culture through NAC and other Indigenous ceremonies. 



Culture - Community - Purpose

Our Covert Peer Support team is the glue that holds our organization, and communities together, and together we be the change.

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